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Religion 4

September 9, 2021

Religion 4

September 8, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod

Course History

First Offered in 2021

Developed by Leona McLeod 2021

Curriculum Guide


Goals of Catholic Education

Ultimate goals of Catholic education are that students will:

  • recognize their dignity as persons made in the image and likeness of God, a dignity extended to everyone in our human family
  • accept God's unconditional love for them as most fully expressed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • respond with gratitude, joy and generosity to God's extravagant care for them
  • know God's love as a transformational force in the world, and that as faithful members of the Body of Christ in the world, we are called to act with justice on behalf of the poor and marginalized in society
  • become careful stewards of our natural world
  • understand the importance of being lifelong, active members of a faith community


Course Information

Religion 4 is part of the locally developed curriculum for this grade. Students will explore the importance of building their relationship with God through beliefs, trust, and knowledge. Students will understand that God helps them grow in their Faith through traditions and sacraments. Students will understand the importance of their connection with family, friends, and community will strengthen their relationship with God. Students will learn that it is their responsibility to love, respect and respond to other's needs and with the help of the Holy Spirit and God's guidance will help to build God's kingdom.  A breakdown of the units of study and outcomes are below. 


Unit 1: Scripture (7 weeks) 

Students will explore and understand how praying in a sacred space helps them to feel a part of a faith community and brings them closer to God, how the bible brings them together as One, and that the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit helps them to live a live of holiness. 

Living as One

Devine Revelation

Presence of the Holy Spirit


Unit 2: Prayer and Sacraments (10 weeks)

Students will understand how pray gives them a deeper connection with God, how the sacraments can heal and restore their relationship with God, and with God's grace during the Advent season they are able to transform their hearts. 


The Sacraments





Unit 3: Faith Development (9 weeks)

Students will understand how Parable moral teachings prepare us for our own roles as a steward for others as well as creation. Students will understand the importance of Holy week and that Lent is a time for renewing our relationship with God.





Unit 4: Christian Identity (9 weeks)

Students will identify and understand the Beatitudes encourage them to "Be" good Christians. Students will value and respect the connections between Indigenous spirituality and Christianity will help build important relationships with community. Students will explore and understand how the influence of the Saints can help them build God's kingdom.


Living a Christian Moral Life

Building God's Kingdom

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