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English Language Arts 6

June 22, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod

Course History

First Offered in 2017

Developed by MJ Sherven

Curriculum Guide

This course is designed to fulfill the curricular objectives of the Saskatchewan Grade 6 English Language Arts curriculum.  The course is divided into five units of study.

Each unit of study contains readings (audio included for most), novels (audio included for both novels), a complete spelling program, grammar tasks, various exemplars of different levels, movies, videos, and activities of their own.  No additional text or book is required as everything is provided for you within the course ~ everything!  Within each unit, you will be asked to complete assignments and quizzes.  There are also a variety of links to videos, websites and other media provided. The links provided in the course are only a small sample of what is available for you to use on the Internet.  Please feel free to use any other sources that you find – just keep track of the sources you use for your assignments.

Course Information

Unit One: Growing Up (9 weeks) – students are looking inward and focusing on self-image and self-esteem. They reflect on self and life, and on their beliefs and values and those of their society.

Section 1: All About Me (2 weeks)

Section 2: Growing Up (3 weeks)

Section 3: The Crazy Man – novel study (4 weeks)

Unit Two: Peace and Conflict (9 weeks) – students look outward and examine their relationships with others, their community, and that of the world.  They also consider the historical context.

Section 1: Peace (3 weeks)

Section 2: Conflict (2.5 weeks)

Section 3: Hana's Suitcase – novel study (3.5 weeks)

Unit Three: Heroes, Deeds and Wonders (6 weeks) – students consider imaginary worlds and possibilities as well as range of genres and authors.

Section 1: Folktales/Myths/Legends Introduction (1 week)

Section 2: Myths (1 week)

Section 3: Legends (1 week)

Section 4: Folktales (1 week)

Section 5: Myths/Legends/Folktales Final Projects (2 weeks)

Unit Four: Messages (6 weeks) – students consider the role of communication in their lives and the ideas and technologies that help people become effective communicators.

Section 1: Media Constructions (1 week)

Section 2: Media Marketing (1.5 weeks)

Section 3: Media Strategies (1.5 weeks)

Section 4: Media Final Project (2 weeks)

Unit Five: Taking Flight (5 weeks) – students explore the elements of the natural and constructed world and the role of technology and related developments in their society.

Section 1: Seeing the Larger Picture From Above (0.5 week)

Section 2: The Science of Flight (2 weeks)

Section 3: Famous People in Flight (2.5 weeks)

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