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Biology 30

March 6, 2024

The Instructor for this course is Clint Binsfeld

Course History

First Offered in 2006

Redeveloped for 2016

Developed by Clint Binsfeld

Curriculum Guide

Pre-requisite Health Science 20

Course Description

The Saskatchewan Biology Curriculum has been renewed and in Cyber School it has been organized into 5 units of study.

1. Cell Biology - Organization of Life  BI30-LI1, BI30-LI2 BI30-LI3

2. Genetics and Biotechnology - Genetics and Biotechnology BI30-GB1, BI30-GB2, BI30-GB3

3. Evolution - BI30-OL1, BI30-OL2, BI30-OL3

4. Diversity of Life - Organization of Life and Life and Evolution

5. Student Directed Study - BI30-SDS1

While studying Biology online students will have access to a textbook which can be uploaded to the device of their choice. Links and videos within the text allow for supplemental content to be easily accessed. Evaluation will consist of labs, reading and question assignments, and exams.  A final project, which is developed by the student, allows for greater understanding of personal interest.  With assistance from the instructor, projects are designed to based on the student's specific interests and talents.


Credit Recovery

Unit 1 Cell Biology (20 days) - Organization of Life  BI30-LI1, BI30-LI2 BI30-LI3

Unit 2 Genetics and Biotechnology (40 days) - Genetics and Biotechnology BI30-GB1, BI30-GB2, BI30-GB3

Unit 3 Evolution (35 days) - BI30-OL1, BI30-OL2, BI30-OL3

Unit 4 Diversity of Life (40 days) - Organization of Life and Life and Evolution

Unit 5 Student Directed Study (15 days) - BI30-SDS1

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