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Social Studies 6​

April 27, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod

Course History

First Offered in 2017

Developed by Lisa Choquette

Curriculum Guide

This course is designed to fulfill the curricular objectives of the Saskatchewan Grade 6 Social Studies curriculum.  It is divided into 4 units of study, each with readings, videos, and activities of their own.  Within each unit, you will be asked to complete assignments, quizzes and exams. There are also a variety of links to videos, websites, and other media provided. 36 week course.

Course Information

Unit 1 – Interactions and Interdependence

How are we connected with one another?

Time: 10 weeks

Assessment: 13 submitted assignments, 4 quizzes and 1 unit exam

Unit 2 – Dynamic Relationships

How does our natural environment influence our lives?

Time: 10 weeks

Assessment: 10 submitted assignments, 5 quizzes and 1 unit exam

Unit 3 – Power and Authority

How can we ensure that all people are treated fairly?

Time: 8 weeks

Assessment: 8 submitted assignments, 2 quizzes and 1 unit exam

Unit 4 – Resources and Wealth

What can help you be successful in life?

Time: 6 weeks

Assessment: 6 submitted assignments, 2 quizzes and 1 unit exam.

This outline has a built in 2 week flexibility so time can be added to units which may take longer than stated or for extra study time…

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