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Creative Writing 20

April 8, 2024

The instructor for this course is MJ Sherven

Course History

First Offered in 2003

Developed by Barb Wotherspoon

Revised 2020 and 2024

MJ Sherven

Curriculum Guide

Pre-requisite ELA A10 OR ELA B10

Creative Writing 20 Outline

Creative writing is defined as any writing where the purpose is to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions rather than to simply convey information. This course will ask the writer to share their ideas of humanity through a variety of styles such as journal entries, poetry, play scripts, fiction, and non-fiction storytelling. Lessons guiding you through the process will be provided in the class to enable you to create new levels of writing that will engage any reader.

Creative Writing 20 Course Outline/Credit Recovery

Module Name and Number

Module Lessons/Readings

Module Assignments
 ***CWJ = Creative Writing Journal

Outcomes Covered

Module One:
 Exploring Sources of Inspiration



35 Days

- The Writing Process

- Introduction to Non-Fiction
 - Literary Devices
 - Exploring Sources of Inspiration

- Steps for Writing Non-Fiction

- Elements of a Story
 - Personal Manuscript Writing

- Introduce Yourself Video
 - Different Types of Non-Fiction #1
 - Different Types of Non-Fiction #2
 - CWJ #1: Interview a Family Member
 - CWJ #2: A Fond Memory
 - CWJ #3: Chaos vs Tranquility
 - CWJ #4: Power of Senses
 - CWJ#5: Pet Peeve
 - Literary Devices: Alliteration to Flashback
 - Personal Manuscript








Module Two:
 The Power of Storytelling



36 Days

Descriptive – Tightened – Succinct
 Oral Storytelling First Nations
 Oral Storytelling Other Cultures
 Short Stories Mini Lessons
 Elements of a Story
 Fiction Manuscript Writing

- Descriptive – Tightened – Succinct
 - CWJ #6: A favourite Family Story
 - CWJ #7: Choose a Prompt
 - CWJ #8: Diversity
 - CWJ #9: Significant Event
 - Analyzing Characters in FN Storytelling
 - Oral Storytelling in Other Cultures
 - Literary Devices: Foreshadowing to Oxymoron
 - Fiction Manuscript






Module Three:
 Exploring Playwriting Techniques



36 Days

- Introduction to Monologues, Scenes and Plays
 - Comedy, Tragedy, Melodrama and Tragicomedy
 - Dramatic Character, Dramatic Dialogue, Dramatic Action

- CWJ #10: Cultural Background
 - Conflict in Dialogue
 - Play Script Theme Analysis
 - Play Scripts by Bruce Kane
 - Literary Devices: Paradox to Understatement
 - CWJ #11: Role Playing
 - CWJ #12: Role Model
 - CWJ #13: Hobby/Passion
 - Manuscript: Play Script






Module Four:
 Poetry Styles and Creations



36 Days

- Introduction to Poetry
 - Key Terms in Poetry
 - First Nations Poetry
 - Types of Poems with Multiple Samples

- CWJ #14: The Seven Sacred Teachings
 - CWJ #15: First Nations Poetry
 - Analysis First Nations Poetry
 - Merging Types of Poetry with Seven Sacred Teachings
 - CWJ #16: Name Acrostic

- CWJ #17: What Appeals to You?
 - CWJ #18: Poetry Using Senses
 - Songs are Poetry That Represent My Life

- Manuscript: Poetry Anthology





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