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PAA Digital Citizenship

April 27, 2021

The Middle Years Digital Citizenship course is set up for teachers to use as a resource to teach students responsible and effective online practices.  Each lesson is linked to a grade 8 curricular outcome, however the class could be used at other middle years level should the need exist.


The course is designed around two general themes; Digital Safety and Digital Literacy.  They are not dependent on each other so there is no need to do one before the other.  We attempted to link outcomes from the Grade 8 curriculum to each of the outcomes in the course so that you, as the classroom teacher, can integrate the lessons into your various course plannings.

Each Topic contains an explanation lesson plan and associated materials like SMART Notebook files, videos, rubrics, etc.  Feel free to download and adapt to your own use.  

The nature of the internet and digital citizenship is ever changing.  As such, every effort was made to include links and examples that are more general in scope so that they don't become obsolete too quickly.  

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