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Computer Science 30

November 22, 2022

The Instructor for this course is Josh Balaberda

Course History

First Offered in 2017

Developed by Josh Balaberda

Curriculum Guide

Pre-requisite Computer Science 20

Course Description:

CS30 builds on programming and computational thinking concepts that were introduced in CS20.  Students will investigate, data structures, sorting algorithms, effective coding practices, and collaborative programming practices.  Students will create programs that utilize external files, libraries, and recursion.  

An extremely large final project will have students learn the ins and outs of a new programming language. Students will create a user manual and present how the important aspects of the programming language work.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit 1 - Python Essentials - 4 weeks

Unit 2 - Data Structures and Sorting - 3 weeks

Unit 3 - Number Systems - 1 week

Unit 4 - Recursion - 2.5 weeks

Unit 5 - External Files and Collaboration - 3 weeks

Unit 6 - Object-Oriented Programming - 2.5 weeks

Unit 7/8 - Final Project - 5 weeks

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