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Volunteerism 30

December 13, 2023

Course developed 2023

Developer Todd Paslawski


Volunteerism is an opportunity for students to earn a credit that may be used to fulfill elective requirements for graduation. Credit may be provided to a student who is enrolled in a regular 24 credit program who has submitted a volunteerism plan approved by the school designate and principal for 100 hours of volunteering through community service.

Over your time in this course, you will participate in the following activities and assignments, which will serve as proof of your Volunteerism experience of your choice!

Student Information Form

Saying Hello Assignment

Brainstorming for Volunteer Activity choices

Creation and Approval of a Volunteer Plan

Ten Activity Log Progress Checks (in increments of Approx. 10 hrs. per log) 

Final Log Summary Submission

Final Personal Reflection Essay

Exit Survey

The goal of this course is to provide a framework that you can individualize with YOUR chosen volunteer activity or activities, 

YOUR goals and focus, and YOUR creativity in creating your log which will verify and showcase what you do in your 100 hours of Volunteer time.


Course created in alignment with the GSCS Volunteerism Policy 2023

And the Ministry of Education Volunteerism Policy


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