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Mathematics 8

April 27, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod.

Course History

First Offered in 2016

Developed by Conrad Brassard

Curriculum Guide

"The aim of the K-12 Mathematics program is to prepare individuals who value mathematics and appreciate its role in society. The K-12 Mathematics curricula are designed to prepare students to cope confidently and competently with everyday situations that demand the use of mathematical concepts including interpreting quantitative information, estimating, performing calculations mentally, measuring, understanding spatial relationships, and problem solving. The Mathematics program is intended to stimulate the spirit of inquiry within the context of mathematical thinking and reasoning."

Mathematics 8 Aims and Goals:

Mathematics 8 is part of the core curriculum for this grade.  Students will explore this course through independent studies, mathematical interactive games, simulations and investigations on the following topics.

Course Information

Unit 1 Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem – (6 weeks)

Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem (3.5 weeks)

Dealing with Non-Perfect Squares and Square Roots (2.5 weeks)

Unit 2 Rates, Ratios and Percent – (5 weeks)

Rates and Ratios (3 weeks)

Percent (2 weeks)

Unit 3 Operations with Fractions – (5 weeks)

Multiplication of Fractions (2.5 weeks)

Division of Fractions (2.5 weeks)

Unit 4 Integers – (4 weeks)

Operations with Integers (4 weeks)


Unit 5 Linear Equations and Graphing – (5 weeks)

Linear Equations and Graphing (3 weeks)

Solving Linear Equations with Algebra (2 weeks)

Unit 6 Shape and Space – (7 weeks)

Measuring Cylinders and Prisms (2 weeks)

Develop and Apply Volume Formulas (1 week)

Geometry (2 weeks)

Tessellations (2 weeks)

Unit 7 Data Analysis and Probability – (4 weeks)

Data Analysis (2 weeks)

Probability (2 weeks)

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