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Science 4

June 22, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod

Course History

First Offered in 2019

Developed by Cara Hauber

Curriculum Guide

This course is designed to fulfill the curricular objectives of the Saskatchewan Grade 4 Science curriculum. It is divided into 4 units of study, each with readings, videos, and activities of their own.  Within each unit, you will be asked to complete assignments, quizzes and exams. There are also a variety of links to videos, websites, and other media provided.  It is a 36 week course.

Science 4 Aims & Goals

Course Information

Habitats and Communities – (9 weeks)

Saskatchewan is a province that has many different types of landscapes - forests, plains, deserts, water. Each landscape is home to different plants, insects and animals.  Explore what makes a good home and how these creatures are connected in this unit.

Chapter 1 – Plants and Animals (3.5 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Structures and Behaviours (2 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Effects of Natural and Human Activities (3.5 weeks)

Light – (7 weeks)

In this topic, we explore light as a form of energy.  We'll see how light travels and the properties and characteristics that light has that humans can use to make our lives easier.

Chapter 1 – Natural and Artificial Sources of Light (2 weeks)

Chapter 2 – How Light Interacts (2.5 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Technological Innovations (2.5 weeks)

Sound – (7 weeks)

Learn about how sound is produced, what properties it has and how humans can make, change, record and use sound for our purposes.

Chapter 1 – Natural and Artificial Sources of Sound (3 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Characteristics and Properties of Sound (2 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Impacts of Sound-Related Technologies (2 weeks)

Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion – (9 weeks)

Explore the ground beneath your feet!  How are rocks formed?  Are minerals rocks?  What does Saskatchewan have under our soils?  How are people connected to the Earth?

Chapter 1 – Properties of Rocks and Minerals (2.5 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Uses of Rocks and Minerals (2.5 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Weather, Erosion, and Fossils (4 weeks)

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