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Accounting 10

September 21, 2021

Accounting 10


The Instructor for this course is Lisa Choquette 


Course History

First Offered in 2009

Developed by MJ Sherven

Redeveloped in 2021 by Lisa Choquette


Curriculum Guide:


Accounting 10 will introduce you, the student, to the unique world of Accounting. You will become familiar with the language of accounting as well as the careers that are available. We will focus on keeping it 'REAL' as all assignments will focus on applying your knowledge to the real world. It is my goal to have you comfortable with the content and to hopefully plant the seeds of some aspiring accountants. 


Course Information / Credit Recovery Units


Units 1-3 (38 days)

Introduction to Accounting

Accounting Equation, T-Accounts

Balance Sheet, Double Entry Bookkeeping


Units 4-6 (38 days)

T-Accounts Explained, General Ledger

Income Statement

The Journal


Units 7-9 (37 days)

Chart of Accounts

Cash Flow Statement

Business Type and Ownership


Unit 10-12 (37 days)

Basics of Banking

Petty Cash

Spreadsheets Explored

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