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Indigenous Studies 10

April 26, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Kristian Roy

Course History

First Offered in 2016

Developed by Reg Nakoneschny

Curriculum Guide

Indigenous Studies 10: 

Social Organizations of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Peoples

This course is organized in the form of a game, respectfully making use of First Nations symbolisms and values as content of study, and in the navigation of the content and the organizing of units.  Students are taken on a journey through the content represented by four "worlds".  Each step of the journey has students challenged with "Quests" where they learn, demonstrate and earn "badges" of accomplishment.  Completing "Level-up" challenges in the form of knowledge quizzes, grants students access to the next world in the journey.  Teachings are provided through video, mixed media and text.  Fun, challenging, rewarding, and valuable teachings about First Nations, Inuit and Metis history that every Canadian should know.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Introductory Unit: (5 Days)

This is a broad introduction familiarizing students with Aboriginals of Canada and some aspects of traditional philosophy. 

Unit One- Identity and Worldviews: Aboriginal Perspectives (30 days)

This unit focuses on goal setting, lifelong learning, respect, values of decision making, equity and equality, leadership, ignorance based thinking, identity, worldview and spirituality.

Unit Two- Community and Kinship: Aboriginal Perspectives (30 days)

This unit focuses on the importance of family, values, traditional child rearing philosophies, oral tradition, government policy, social organization and environment.

Unit Three- Governance: Aboriginal Perspectives (35 days)

This unit focuses on leadership, values, political processes and structures, imposed governance, Aboriginal Self- Government and Metis Provisional Government

Unit Four- Economics: Aboriginal Perspectives (35 days)

This unit focuses on environmental responsibility, diverse economies, self- reliance, active successful economies and skilled work forces.

Self Directed Study – (15 Days)

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