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Psychology 30

October 11, 2022

The Instructor for this course is Randy Strueby

Course History

First Offered in 2011

Developed by Todd Paslawski

Curriculum Guide

Course Title:

Psychology 30:  Human Development


This course has no prerequisites although Psychology 20 is recommended. 


Psychology 30 is designed for students to explore the factors influencing biological, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development across the lifespan. Students will learn about human growth and changes in behaviour from infancy through adulthood and examine the impact of nature and nurture on human development. Students will also investigate major theoretical perspectives, research methods and Indigenous perspectives related to lifespan development and engage in investigative inquiries of contemporary psychology issues.

The Saskatchewan  Learning Psychology 30 Curriculum Guide can be found at...

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit One   

Overview/Web Savvy and What is Developmental Psychology?  (15 days)

Unit Two   

Becoming a Parent  (15 days)

Unit Three  

Prenatal Development:  Domains and Delivery  (15 days)

Unit Four  

Birth to Two Years Old:  Physical and Cognitive Development  (15 days)

Unit Five  

Birth to Two Years Old:  Social and Emotional Development  (15 days)

Unit Six   

Early Childhood:  Physical and Cognitive Development  (20 days)

Unit Seven  

Early Childhood:  Social and Emotional Development  (20 days)

Unit Eight 

Adulthood:  Changes and Choices  (20 days)

Unit Nine  

Adulthood:  Identity and Experience  (20 days)

Unit Ten    

Review and Preparation for the Examination  (5 days)

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