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Religion 8

April 26, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod

Course History

First Offered in 2016

Developed by Allison Treble

Curriculum Guide

Ultimate goals of Catholic education are that students will:

  • recognize their dignity as persons made in the image and likeness of God, a dignity extended to everyone in our human family
  • accept God's unconditional love for them as most fully expressed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • respond with gratitude, joy and generosity to God's extravagant care for them
  • know God's love as a transformational force in the world, and that as faithful members of the Body of Christ in the world, we are called to act with justice on behalf of the poor and marginalized in society
  • become careful stewards of our natural world
  • understand the importance of being lifelong, active members of a faith community 

Course Information

Religion 8 is part of the locally developed curriculum for this grade.  Students will explore their faith and understanding of faith based practice.  A breakdown of the units of study and outcomes are below.

Unit 1: Scripture: (12 Weeks)

Students will examine Biblical narratives and make connections between the messages and their lives.  In doing so, they will begin to see the scripture as God's living word.

Unit 2: Prayer and Sacraments: (12 weeks)

Students will be introduced to various styles of prayer, be able to articlute the benefits and purposes of prayer, and how prayer can deepen his or her relations ship with God.

Unit 3: Faith Development: (6 weeks)

Students will learn about the Creed and see connections to applying it to life situations, while developing the values of respect and compassion for themselves and others.

Unit 4: Christian Identity: (6 weeks)

Students will explore the connection between the baptismal commitment to follow Jesus in their lives. The attitude of responsibility for building a just and caring society will be fostered through working community service.

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