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Core Ukrainian 20

November 22, 2022

The instructor for this course is Laurianne Gabruch

Course History

First Offered in 2006

Developed by Olena Kovpak-Gnyp, Nadia Prokopchuk, and Steve Kemp

Curriculum Guide

Pre-requisite - Core Ukrainian 10

The online course e-mova: Core Ukrainian 20 is a step forward in intensity from Core Ukrainian 10. However, doing the work in a consistent manner will assure success. The form in which material is presented was designed to teach the Ukrainian language to English-speaking students.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit XI (13 days)   

Will focus on family meals and some important vocabulary associated with meal preparation. You will also be introduced to terms which describe the rooms in a typical Canadian home.


Unit XII (13 days) 

Focuses on common family activities at home. The Unit includes vocabulary for describing meals at home, the home environment and the weather outdoors.

Unit XIII (13 days)

Will focus on activities which are part of a typical morning routine. You will learn how to express the time of day and calendar dates in Ukrainian. In keeping with the theme of family activities, you will also explore the world of grocery shopping.


Unit XIV (13 days) 

Presents a typical morning scene in which siblings attempt to take turns using the family bathroom before school. Terms for personal grooming will be introduced and vocabulary related to time will be expanded.


Unit XV (13 days)

There are mornings when every family member is in a rush to avoid being late for school or work. Unit XV focuses on this theme, as well as three sub-themes which present new vocabulary for body parts, clothing and buildings. This unit culminates with the Midterm exam for the course.


Unit XVI (13 days) 

Will focus on the idea of family members helping one another with errands, shopping or household chores. The Unit introduces vocabulary for common household tools, the concepts of 'continuing' and 'completed' verb action, and finally, a review of several types of adverbs. 


Unit XVII (13 days)

Introduces vocabulary on the theme of school and education. You will be learning about the formation of the past tense of verbs, as well as basic greetings and expressions used in casual conversations.


Unit XVIII (13 days)

In Unit XVIII you will explore the theme of 'forgotten homework'. You will work with plural forms of nouns in three cases, as well as adjective-noun phrases in the Nominative plural form. The future tense of verbs will be presented, as well as questions which begin with the word 'Why?'


Unit XIX (13 days)

While walking is a popular means of travel in many countries, North Americans tend to get from one place to another in a vehicle. In Unit XIX you will learn a variety of terms to describe modes of transportation. You will also complete your study of plural forms of nouns.


Unit XX (13 days) 

Introduces you to the world of shopping in Ukrainian! New vocabulary focuses on quantities, measurements, costs, and the terms needed for buying or selling goods. This last Unit of your course also provides a compact review of adjective-noun phrases in all cases, plural forms, verbs and structures and patterns covered in previous units.

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