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It all started a long time ago, in a school division not so far away...

In 1999, our divsion saw an opportunity to investigate online learning.  It was something very new, and very bewildering all at the same time.  The Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division decided to enlist Darren Cannell, a teacher at the time, to find out what he could about it.  

Darren was able to put the pieces together and, along with the help of a few of Cyber School's first teachers, was able to put some courses online in 2000.  It started with a modest amount of students, but quickly caught fire and has since become one of the largest online schools in the province of Saskacthewan.

Since then, we have developed over 70 online courses, and continue to expand our course offerings every year.  We have over 20 teachers and cover all the required courses to complete a 24 credit program online.  We also offer a multitude of French courses, electives, and elementary subjects, with more on the way!

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