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Chemistry 30

December 6, 2023

The Instructor for this course is Chris Knievel

Course History

First Offered in 2002

Developed by Norm Lipinski

Curriculum Guide

Pre-requisite Physical Science 20

Chemistry 30 builds upon and uses concepts and principles developed in Chemistry 20. Following an examination of energy and chemical reactions, the rates of chemical reactions are studied. Equilibriums as phenomena are examined and provide an avenue to study practical chemical situations, such as solubility, acid base reactions, and electrochemistry. Some practical experimentation forms a part of this course.


Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

There are 4 units, based on the outcomes of the course in the Saskatchewan Curriculum:


Unit 1: Course Introduction and Basic Skills  (15 days) 

Unit 2: Chemical Bonding and Materials Science (50 days)

Unit 3: Chemical Equilibria ( 50 days)

Unit 4: Electrochemistry.  (35 days)



These units can be subdivided, if necessary:

Unit 1: Course Introduction and Basic Skills  (15 days) 


Unit 2. Chemical Bonding and Materials Science (50 days)

a. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding (12.5 days)

b. Intramolecular and Intermolecular Forces (12.5 days)

c.  Organic Compounds and Their Uses (12.5 days)

d. Applications of Materials Science (12.5 days)


Unit 3. Chemical Equilibria (50 days)

a. General Concepts in Equilibrium (18.5 days)

b. Solution Equilibria (18.5 days)

c.  Acid Base Equilibria (18.5 days)


Unit 4. Electrochemistry (25 days)

    a. The Chemistry of Oxidation and Reduction (20 days)

    b.  Applications of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (15 days)

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