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Core Ukrainian 10

April 26, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Laurianne Gabruch

Course History

First Offered in 2006

Developed by Olena Kovpak-Gnyp, Nadia Prokopchuk, and Steve Kemp

Curriculum Guide

Core Ukrainian 10 introduces the Ukrainian language to English-speaking students. The course begins with the Cyrillic alphabet and writing skills, then proceeds to basic conversation, grammatical structures and cultural content. The course is divided into 12 segments, or Units, which span 12 days each.

Introductory Unit: This segment provides information about the Ukrainian language and introduces the sounds and corresponding written forms of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Units 1 - 10: Each of these segments introduces a new unit of language study. Each unit contains a PowerPoint dialogue presentation, oral and written practise exercises and an assignment worth 5% of the total mark.

Summary Unit: The last segment provides time for review and study before the final exam. The exam completes the online course. The course is further enhanced by Reference Sections and Cultural Enrichment segments which provide information on selected Ukrainian topics.

The Cultural Enrichment segments feature extended learning in Ukrainian and research assignments in English. Students will have access to an online teacher at regular intervals during each 12 day block of time. Students will have opportunities to ask questions, practise oral speech and conduct oral assignments via telephone or teleconference arrangements.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit I Meeting and Greeting Friends (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 1-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Word Patterns and Sentence Structure

Lesson 3 Three Types of Pronouns

Unit II (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 2-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Word Patterns and Sentence Structure

Lesson 3 Verbs and their Infinitive Forms

Lesson 4 Adverbs

Unit III (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 3-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Nouns

Lesson 3 Pronoun - Verb Combinations

Lesson 4 Prepositions and their use with Accusative Case

Unit IV (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 4-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Plural Nouns

Lesson 3 Group 1 Verbs and their Conjugation

Lesson 4 Several Objectives

Unit V  (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 5-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Review of Ukrainian Language Structures and Patterns

Lesson 3 Review Previously Learned Material

Lesson 4 Conjunctions, Particles and Adverbs

Unit VI (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 6-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 The Genitive, Locative and Accusative

Lesson 3 Verbs and Pronouns

Lesson 4 Conjunctions, Prepositions and Adverbs of Time

Unit VII (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 7-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Singular Form, Instrumental Case and the Dative Case

Lesson 3 Verbs and Pronouns

Lesson 4 Telephone Conversations and Differing Cultural Contexts

Unit VIII (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 8-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Overview if all Cases as Presented in Previous Units

Lesson 3 Verbs and Pronouns

Lesson 4 Review Prepositions and Practice Using Adverbs

Unit IX (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 9-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Review Sentence Patterns

Lesson 3 Verbs and Pronouns

Lesson 4 Prepositions

Unit X (13 days)

Lesson 1 Dialogue 10-Oral Comprehension

Lesson 2 Demonstrate Your Ability to Use Sentence Patterns and Vocabulary

Lesson 3 Verbs and Pronouns

Lesson 4 Review of Prepositions and Adverbs

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