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Special Project Credit 10

April 27, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Todd Paslawski

Course History

First Offered in 2017

Developed by Todd Paslawski

Curriculum Guide

The Ministry of Education recognizes three Special Project Credits per student for out-of-school initiatives, on the basis of work proposed and completed by an individual student.  Special Project Credits recognizes student achievement in areas outside of the regular Secondary Level program. It encourages students to become involved in the selection, planning, and organization of their own programs. While students may use programs currently in place (e.g., Cadet Training, post-secondary courses) to develop their personal learning proposal, it is recommended that the proposal(s) be developed to meet the needs and interests of the individual student.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

During their course of study students will produce and submit

  • a clearly planned Special Project Proposal to their supervising teacher for  approval outlining:
  1. A description of the project, including the student's goals and how this project will contribute to the student's personal growth.
  2. A list of any previous experience in the area.
  3. A description of the experiences and processes that will be followed to complete the project
  4. The expected start and completion dates.
  5. An acknowledgement of the required amount of time (100 hours) to receive the credit
  6. A list of who is involved in the project.

Students will engage in 100 hours of work which will include:

  • No more than 65 hours of participation in their chosen activity.
  • 35 hours or more of focused activities involving
    • Creating a detailed activity log of all time spent including dates, places, and specific description of actions taken.
    • Completing the following in their online class:
      • Student Information Form
      • Creating Driving Questions for their study period
      • Submitting a Project Proposal for approval
      • Submitting 10 progress checks (reflection journals)
      • Creation of an e-learning portfolio which will provide evidence of learning and growth in achieving their project goals.
      • Creating a resources/bibliography list of all resources accessed while engaged in their Special Project course.
      • Creating a Final personal reflection essay summarizing their experiences and time spent in the Project.

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