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Communication Media 20

April 26, 2021

The instructor for this course is Jason Sand

Course History

First Offered in 2007

Developed by Reg Nakoneschny

Curriculum Guide

The world of communications is changing continuously. With the explosion of YouTube, Facebook, social networks and the internet, the way we communicate with each other has eliminated the barriers of time and distance. The Technology we use in our daily lives is changing the communications landscape with such things in cellular video phones, blogs, bluetooth, and wireless networking. This course will utilize some of these concepts in assembling a student portfolio of works.

Communication and Production Technology 20 is an intermediate course, building on the skills and technology introduced in CPT 10. 

This course will incorporate more advanced skills and technology in the combined areas of video, audio and multimedia. Students will take a behind the scenes look at a major Hollywood production film, to appreciate the importance of the preproduction planning, production and post production editing, in completing a final production of their own. The course also includes exploration of communication strategies and delivery on the internet in the world of social networking.

For the purpose of this course, students should have access to a method of recording video. This could be a video camera or video cell phone. They should also have access to a computer capable of loading video for the purpose of editing and internet publication. 

In the interest of cost and portability, we will make use of many free and powerful open source applications available on the internet. 

We will also investigate the commercial applications available for both PC and Macintosh computer platforms.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit One: Planning and Development (31 days) 

0. Introduction to the modules

1. module 1 Course objectives and activities

2. module 2 Movies - Great or not so great by design

3. module 3 Credit where credit's due - movie end credits

4. module 4 "It all starts here - movie ideas"

5. module 5 "And Here's the pitch - preparing a treatment"

6. module 6 "Hollywood Bound - planning your shoot"

7. module 7 "Action! - how to use a video camera"

8. module 8 "The Door Scene"

9. Unit 1 - Unit Test

Unit Two: Pre-Production (31 days)

1. module 1 "Celtx - Planning made easy"

2. module 2 "Story boarding Dude! - a picture's worth a thousand words"

3. module 3 "Scouting Locations"

4. module 4 "Scheduling - places to go, people to record"

5. module 5 "Camera Technique"

6. module 6 "Let there be Lighting Techniques"

7. Unit 2 - UNIT TEST

Unit Three: Production (25 days)

1. module 2 "Camera Do's and Don'ts"

2. module 3 "Microphone Secrets and Sound"

4. module 4 "Advanced Lighting Scenarios "

5. module 5 "Careers in Production"

6. Unit 3 - UNIT TEST

Unit Four: Post Production (12 days)

1. Click here for module 1 "The Editing Process"

2. Click here for module 2 "Your Editing Software"

3. Click here for module 3 "It's all in the Presentation"

4. Click here for module 4 "Careers in Communications Production"

5. Unit 4 - Unit Test

Unit Five: The Internet (11 days)

1. module 1 "The Editing Process"

2. module 2 "Media Delivery"

3. Unit 5 - UNIT TEST

Unit Six: Major Project (40 days)

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