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Earth Science 30

June 7, 2023

The Instructor for this course is Garett Olver

Course History

First Offered in 2016

Developed by Gerard Hunter

Curriculum Guide

Pre-requisite Physical Science 20 OR Environmental Science 20

It is important to note that for both the course and credit recovery, the readings of this course can be extensive due to depth. The struggle faced by you, the student, will be to balance time spent reading and watching the many videos of this course with the time that you have to complete the course. Topics in this course are tremendously exciting and because it is easy to become engrossed in them, you might find it hard to tear away and move forward. Be careful with your time.

Earth Science 30 consists of 4 units (15 chapters). Descriptions of concepts that are developed and their time frames include the following

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit 1 (Ch01 - 04) - 35 days

22.6% of course total 

Chapter 01: Principles of Science * 5 Days * Focus is upon scientific background specifically focused upon Earth Science 

Chapter 02: Studying Earth Science * 11 days * Focus is on Earth Science careers, mapping, and the position of the Earth, within the Earth and outside of the Earth 

Chapter 03: Materials of the Earth's Crust * 13 days * Focuses upon Minerals and Rock Classification 

Chapter 04: Earth as a Planet * 6 days * Focuses upon the Earth's characteristics from magnetic fields to the Earth's structure

Unit 2 (Ch05 - 08)

- 37 days

21.2% of course total 

Chapter 05: Plate Tectonics * 9 days * Focuses upon the evidence for the existence of plate tectonics 

Chapter 06: Geological Activity from Plate Tectonics Processes * 11 days * Focuses upon earthquake, volcanic and tsunamic activity and how the plate activity produces all of this 

Chapter 07: Surface Processes and Landforms * 10 days * Focus is upon how the elements have shaped this Earth 

Chapter 08: Water on Earth * 10 days * Focus is upon the energy it provides, the life it provides and chemistry related to it.

Midterm Exam - 1 day     6.2% of course total

Unit 3 (Ch09 - 12)

- 35 days 21.6% of course total 

Chapter 09: Atmospheric Processes * 9 days * Focuses on the processes that are both life-giving and destructive. 

Chapter 10: Life on Earth * 10 days

* Focus is upon ecosystems, life on Earth and its relationship to the Earth and development throughout history 

Chapter 11: Earth History * 11 days * Formation of this Earth – throughout the billions of years history 

Chapter 12: Natural Resources * 6 days * Focus upon materials used for survival, building and exploitation

Unit 4 (Ch13 - 15)

- 38 days 19.6% of course total 

Chapter 13: Human Impacts on the Earth Environment * 15 days * Focus is on humanity and its involvement with our Earth; SK life and First Nation perspective 

Chapter 14: The Solar System * 10 days * Focus is on the makeup of our solar system and its interactions 

Chapter 15: Beyond the Solar System * 9 days * Focus is on the Universe and its history from beyond our solar system.

Unit 5 Final

Exam- 1 day 8.8% of course total

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