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Social Studies 90

March 25, 2024

The instructor for this course is Jordy Holmes

Course History

First Offered in 2016

Developed by Gerard Hunter

Curriculum Guide

Social 90 consists of 5 units. Descriptions of concepts that are developed and their time frames include the following:

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit One: History and Society 30 days

Introduction to History, Archaeology, Society and identity, Government, Language, Culture, Tradition, Religion, World and Citizenship, and Ancient Civilization

Unit Two: Interactions and Interdependence 28 days

What constitutes a society? How do time and place, culture, language, religion, gender identity, socio-economic situations, and education shape a society’s worldview? How is worldview expressed in the daily life of a society? How does worldview influence the choices, decisions, and interactions in society?

Unit Three: Dynamic Relationships 27 days

How do we obtain information about past societies? How have key historical events shaped our lives? How does the natural environment shape a society? How have past societies shaped contemporary Canadian society?

Unit Four: Power and Authority 28 days

How do power and authority impact the governance of society? How has empire-building and territorial expansion impacted the indigenous populations around the world? How do the roles and responsibilities of citizens affect a society?

Unit Five: Resources and Wealth 28 days

How do different perspectives regarding the acquisition and distribution of resources and wealth affect individuals in societies? How do trade and transportation impact the development of a society? How does technology, both past and present, influence contemporary society?

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