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February 7, 2022

The Instructor for this course is Lisa Choquette

Course History

First Offered in 2006

Developed by Clint Binsfeld

Redeveloped by Lisa Choquette 2015

Curriculum Guide

There are four core units in Science 10 which provides a background for the future senior science classes.

Unit 1 - Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions provides an excellent preparation for senior chemistry classes exploring types of reactions, the periodic table, chemical equations, and acid/base theory.

Unit 2 - Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics

Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics explores human impact and sustainability, earth's climate systems, biodiversity, and Biogeochemical Cycles.

Unit 3 - Force and Motion in Our World

Force and Motion in Our World explores the analysis of motion and different forces and their effects on motion. Investigating a car crash, students will put the knowledge gained in the unit to determine the cause of the crash and defend their position using scientific evidence.

Unit 4 - Career Investigation

Career Investigation takes the student through the myBlueprint program and explores science careers and many more based on their personality, motivations, knowledge, and learning styles. Creating a portfolio helps guide the student to possible careers via a variety of methods such as work force, apprenticeships, college, or university. 

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Chemical Reactions (45 days)

Chemical Reactions and Reaction Rates

Representing Chemical Reactions

Acids and Bases

Sustainability of Ecosystems (30 days)

Exploring cultural views on sustainability

Examining Biodiversity

Analyzing Populations

Identifying cycles, change, and stability in ecosystems

Investigating human impact on ecosystems

Motion (45 days)

Motion Part 1

Motion Part 2

Motion Part 3

Weather (20 days)

Introduction to Weather Unit

Category 1: Weather

Category 2: Weather Prediction

Category 3: Global Warming

Category 4: Weather Journal


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