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English Language Arts B10

April 26, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Danielle Sasbrink-Harkema

Course History

First Offered in 2011

Developed by Lisa Kobelsky

Curriculum Guide

ELA B10 is an issue-oriented course that is organized around the human concerns facing contemporary society. The two main issue-based themes in this course are "Equity and Ethics" and "The World Around and Within Us." The aim of the Saskatchewan ELA curriculum is to help students understand and appreciate language, and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for learning, communication, work, life, and personal satisfaction.

DAY 1: Take some time to browse through the course so that you become familar with the course and how to navigate. Be sure to read over all of the introductory material which includes the "Syllabus," "Course Overview and Procedures," "General Introduction," "Equity and Ethics Introduction," "The World Around and Within Us Introduction," "Rubrics and Marking Keys," "Reference Pages," and "Links."

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

MODULE ONE (Justice and Fairness):

DAY 2: Complete the "Academic Integrity Quiz" and the "Introductory Assignment" Forum.

DAY 3: Complete all work for "Six Blind Men From Hindostan."

DAY 4: Complete all work for "Select Samaritan."

DAY 5 - 6: Complete the business letter assignment.

DAY 7: Complete all work for "After You My Dear Alphonse."

DAY 8: Complete the "Sentence Errors" lesson and quiz.

DAY 9: Complete all work for "Colour-Coding Gets Under the Skin."

DAY 10 - 12: Complete the expository paragraphs assignment.

DAY 13: Complete all work for "Mother to Son."

DAY 14 - 15: Complete the poetry writing assignment.

DAY 16: Complete all work for "Panache."

DAY 17: Complete the "Parallelism" lesson and quiz.

DAY 18: Complete all work for "The Ballad of Alice Moonchild" and "I lost My Talk"

DAY 19 - 20: Complete the research, K-W-L chart and bibliography for Residential Schools.

DAY 21: Complete the summary sheet for the "Role of Men and Women."

DAY 22: Complete the listening and viewing activity for the Role of Children.

DAY 23 - 26: Complete the final project for Module One: Justice and Fairness in Art and Music with expository paragraphs.

MODULE TWO (Rights and Responsiblities):

DAY 27 - 43: Of Mice and Men: Complete the before, during and after reading assignments for Chapters One to Six of the novel.

DAY 44 - 45: Complete the obituary assignment.

DAY 46 - 52: Complete the problem-solution essay.

DAY 53 - 55: View and complete note-making strategy for "Schindler's List" or "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas."

DAY 56 - 57: Complete the film review for "Schindler's List" or "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas."

DAY 58 - 61: Complete all work for "Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl" excerpts.

DAY 62 - 64: Complete all work for "It Can't Be Helped.", "What Do I Remember about the Evacuation": and "What the Defense-Plant Worker Said.".

DAY 65 - 66: Complete the "Punctuation" lesson and quiz.

Day 67 - 71: review for midterm exam

Day 72: write Midterm Exam

Day 75: Halfway through the course!

MODULE THREE (Choices and Responsibiities):

DAY 76: Complete summary sheet strategy for Shakespeare.

DAY 77 - 81: Complete all work for Macbeth Act 1.

DAY 82 - 86: Complete all work for Macbeth Act 2.

DAY 87 - 91: Complete all work for Macbeth Act 3.

DAY 92 - 96: Complete all work for Macbeth Act 4.

DAY 97 - 101: Complete all work for Macbeth Act 5.

DAY 102 - 108: Complete final assignments for Macbeth.

DAY 109 - 115: Complete rubric and poster for "Drunk Driver in Concrete."

MODULE FOUR (The World Around and Within):

DAY 116: Complete all work for "The Geese Over the City."

DAY 117 - 118: Complete all work for "Survival in the South."

DAY 119 - 124: Complete the script-writing assignment.

DAY 125: Complete the listening and viewing activity for "Storytelling" and "Language Aquisition."

DAY 126: Complete the compare and contrast assignment for the Creation myths.

DAY 127: Brainstorm environmental concerns in Canada and the World.

DAY 128 - 129: Complete the listening and viewing activity for the interviews with David Suzuki.

DAY 130 - 136: Complete the biographical profile of David Suzuki with a proper title page and bibliography of sources.

DAY 137: Complete all work for "Why We Grow Insensitive to Dangers."

DAY 139 - 140: Complete all work for "The Seeds of Hope." and "This Sacred Land."

DAY 141 - 145: Complete the final project for "Stewardship: Agents of Change" - music video

DAY 146 - 149: review for final exam.

DAY 150: write the Final Exam.

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