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Workplace and Apprenticeship 10

April 26, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Lee Lovegrove

Course History

First Offered in 2010

Developed by Wally Doepker

Curriculum Guide

This course material focuses on mathematics that you will use in the workplace, as a consumer or in a business. There will be knowledge essential for specific trades and occupations. It tries to make the connection between school mathematics and the workplace.  Each unit is built around applications and examples from everyday life to teach in an interactive way the mathematical concepts contained in each unit.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit 1 -Unit Pricing and Currency Exchange: 25 days to complete - This unit applies proportional reasoning, fractions, percents and ratios to determine unit pricing, sale prices and currency exchange rates.

Unit 2 - Earning an Income:  20 days to complete - This unit discusses wages and salaries terminology and calculations of gross and net pay, overtime wages, self employment issues, piecework and contract work, tips and bonus earnings.  It also focuses on common tax deductions like CPP and unemployment insurance. 

Unit 3 - Length, Area and Volume:  20 days to complete - This unit uses fractions, decimals, ratios and estimation to learn about measurements using both the metric SI and imperial systems.  It converts from one system to the other, calculates perimeter, circumference, area and volume and surface area of three-dimensional objects.

Unit 4 - Mass, Temperature and Volume:  20 days to complete - This unit considers temperature conversions between Celsius and Fahrenheit, applications in the workplace and everyday life of units of mass/weight and mass and volume in SI and imperial units.

Unit 5 - Angles and Parallel Lines:  20 days to complete - This unit will help to develop an understanding of the relationships between lines - how to estimate, measure and construct angles, angle bisectors and perpendicular lines. It also looks at properties and calculations of corresponding angles, alternate interior angles and same-side interior angles of parallel and non-parallel lines and transversals. 

Unit 6 - Similarity of Figures:  20 days to complete - This unit identifies what makes polygons similar, teaches two methods of how to draw similar polygons, how to solve similar polygons and characteristics and solving of similar triangles.

Unit 7 - Trigonometry of Right Triangles:  20 days to complete - This unit presents an understanding of what trigonometric ratios stand for and how to apply them, how to solve for the lengths and sizes of angles of right triangles, and how and when to also use the Pythagorean Theorem.

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