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Science 6​​

April 27, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Leona McLeod.

Course History

First Offered in 2016

Developed by Cara Hauber

Curriculum Guide

"The aim of K-12 science education is to enable all Saskatchewan student to develop scientific literacy….Diverse learning experiences based on the outcomes in this curriculum provide students with many opportunities to explore, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, appreciate, and understand the interrelationships among science, technology, society , and the environment (STSE) that will affect their personal lives, their careers, and their future."

Course Information

Diversity of Living Things – (10 weeks)

In this Life Science Unit, we will investigate the many living things on our planet.  We will learn how to classify these living creatures using the same methods that scientists around the world use.  We will also explore the microscopic living world - creatures too small for us to see with our eyes.

Chapter 1 – Living Things in the World (2 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Classifying and Organizing Living Things (3 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Vertebrates and Invertebrates (1.5 weeks)

Chapter 4 – Surviving and Adapting (2 weeks)

Chapter 5 – What are Micro-Organisms? (1.5 weeks)

Understanding Electricity – (8 weeks)

How can humans power their world?  What are the differences between the types of electricity?  How does electricity travel from place to place?  All these questions (and more!) will be answered in this unit of study.

Chapter 1 – Electricity Use in Saskatchewan (2 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Creating Electricity (2 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Simple Series and Parallel Circuits (4 weeks)

Principles of Flight – (8 weeks)

How do heavy airplanes and rockets manage to soar through the air?  How did humans discover the secrets to flight?  How has understanding the principles of flight helped to change our world?  We'll look at both early flying devices and modern marvels to see how the human race has reached for the stars!

Chapter 1 – Getting into the Air (4 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Forces that Impact Flight (2 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Flying Object Workshop (2 weeks)

Our Solar System – (10 weeks)

Journey to the stars and beyond in this unit.  We will learn about all the "stuff" that is in our solar system, and see different ways that humans have created to travel beyond our planet.

Chapter 1 – To the Stars and Beyond (3.5 weeks)

Chapter 2 – Astronomical Phenomena (3.5 weeks)

Chapter 3 – Space Exploration Program (3 weeks)

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