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Catholic Studies 20

April 26, 2021

The instructor for this course is Danielle Sasbrink-Harkema and Lisa Choquette

Course History

First Offered in 2018

Developed by Regina Catholic

Curriculum Guide

Catholic Studies 20: Exploring the Joy of a Catholic Identity

The aim of Catholic Studies is for students to understand, value, and engage in their faith so that they may hear an invitation, or deepen their commitment, to live as followers of Jesus Christ.  Throughout all grades, students investigate, apply and reflect on various aspects of these actions which call upon the Church to:

i.          proclaim Jesus Christ

ii.         worship Christ through the sacraments

iii.        form a communion of people

iv.        give witness, and

v.         serve.

The Catholic Studies 20 curriculum focuses in part on the role and importance of Catholic identity.  Students examine what it means to live as a disciple of Christ and how this affects the way that one lives one's life.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit 1: A Model for Humanity, A Covenant Renewed (60 days)

  • God's Covenant Renewed through Jesus
  • Jesus as Lord
  • Living the Beatitudes
  • Paschal Mystery
  • CAP Project- Expectations, Proposal and Submission/Reflection
  • Unit 1 Reflection Paper

Unit 2: Discipleship- A Call to live as Jesus Modeled (52 days)

  • Mission and Actualization
  • Life of Service
  • Implications of living as a Disciple of Christ
  • Ecumenical Dialogue
  • Revelation and Tradition
  • Unit 2 Reflection Paper

Unit 3: Social Justice (37 days)

  • Catholic Perspective on Labour and Environment
  • Sexuality
  • Infusion, Suppression and Rejection of Christian values in a secular world
  • Responding to a call to Holiness
  • Unit 3 Reflection Paper

Final Exam Preparation and Writing (5 hours)

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