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Arts Education 4 - Drama (Hybrid Resource Only)

April 20, 2023

Arts Education 4

This course is only available as a hybrid currently.

Course History

First Offered in 2023

Developed by Cara Hauber

Curriculum Guide

This course is designed to fulfill the curricular objectives of the Saskatchewan Grade 4 Arts Education curriculum.  It is divided into 4 units of study, each with readings, videos, and activities of their own.  Within each unit, you will be asked to complete assignments, quizzes, activities, and projects. There are also a variety of links to videos, websites, and other media provided.  It is a 36-week course.

Course Information

In Grade 4, the focus of Arts Education is Saskatchewan.

Unit 2 – Drama

In this drama unit, students will explore 4 categories - Creative, Performance, Technical and Responding.   Students will use various elements of drama to develop characters, episodes, and improvisations, and use these characters, episodes, and improvisations in a variety of finished products.  

Time: 8 weeks

Assessment: 8 Quizzes/Activities, 10 Assignments and 8 Projects



This outline has a built in 4-week flexibility so time can be added to units which may take longer than stated or for extra study time…

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