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Hybrid Resources for Teachers 

June 29, 2022

A hybrid course is an exact copy of an existing course.  From here, you can request a full copy of any of our courses for use in your school.  The courses can support or be used as the actual course in a face to face classroom.

Some suggested uses for cyber courses in the face to face (f2f) classroom. 

* Using the resources within the class to support your f2f teaching 

* Use as your complete f2f course

* Use it as resource for developing your face to face course 

* Use the communication tools to enhance f2f course communication. 

* Use online testing as practice test for students.

* Allowing students access 24/7 to class resources to allow for a 'flipped' education environment. 

The above uses are some that are currently being used, feel free to register to use the courses to support your teaching. 

The Cyber School can create hybrids (exact copies of our courses) for teachers to use in their own classrooms.  We would give your teachers full control over the content in that they can use them however they see fit with their students.  Teachers can change/add and edit the content to suit their style or preferences, or they can keep the course entirely as is and use it all (content, assessment, communication tools, etc…).  This is available to any classroom / school / division in the province!

The cost for a hybrid is $250 per teacher per session for all teachers outside of GSCS. This cost allows us to break even in that we provide the hosting, server space, maintenance, updates and administration of creating the hybrid and placing your students in it, so that your teachers can use it as a tool to allow the students to log in anytime, anywhere. Your teachers can use it however they want, as much or as little as they prefer.  There is no faster, easier way to integrate technology into your classroom, while getting a full course to use for your classroom.  All the resources, assignments, tests, etc... are at your fingertips!

All registrations for hybrids must be used in the applicant's home school division, and are not for re-sale or redistribution.

*Please Note - in-division teachers must first "SIGN IN" to the hybrid registration page.  This sign in button is found at the top right hand corner of the main Hybrid Registration page.


Register for a Hybrid Course

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