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Do we offer elementary classes online?

During the pandemic we offered elementary online education in real time (asynchronous) meaning that the teachers and students were online at the same time every day.  Moving forward, we will only be offering grade four to eight elementary courses to students asynchronously, or on the students own time, where a student can work on their own time and on their own schedule.  There is a teacher assigned to each class for students, but the education will not be in 'real time'.  This allows for complete flexibility in programming for our elementary students since all courses are offered in a self-paced asynchronous delivery system. 

Grade 4

English Language Arts 4

Mathematics 4

Science 4

Social Studies 4

Religion 4

Arts Education 4 - Drama (Hybrid Teacher Resource Only)

Grade 5

English Language Arts 5

Mathematics 5

Science 5

Social Studies 5

Religion 5

Arts Education 5 - Drama (Hybrid Teacher Resource Only)

Grade 6

English Language Arts 6

Mathematics 6

Science 6

Social Studies 6

Religion 6

Arts Education 6 - Drama (Hybrid Teacher Resource Only)

Grade 7

English Language Arts 7

Mathematics 7

Science 7

Social Studies 7

Religion 7

Grade 8

English Language Arts 8

Mathematics 8

Mathématiques 8 (French)

Science 8

Social Studies 8

Religion 8

PAA Modules

PAA Digital Citizenship

PAA Digital Photography

PAA Financial Literacy

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