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What is the cost to take a class?

If the student is under 22 and not attending a high school OUTSIDE of our division there is no tuition (attending a high school outside of our division a $500.00 tuition is applied).  If the student is over 21 there is a tuition of $500.00 per class.  If the student lives outside of our province but within Canada the tuition is $500.00 regardless of age, outside country $1290.00 regardless of age.

Please note - the online service provider we use to collect fees, Flywire, does charge a service fee for use.  This will be reflected in the app when you are paying tuition.

What about refunds?

You can get a full refund within 5 days of your first day in the class.  Please contact the office if you wish to stop your class and request a refund within this time frame by calling 306-659-7700 or by emailing

What about July and August?

Students who have registered with us for a class during the school year will have a 'pause' placed on their course(s) for July and August.  When the regular school year finishes at the end of June, the Cyber classes are unavailable until September, allowing the students to pick up exactly where they left off before the summer.

What if I want to take Cyber School classes over the summer?

We do offer all of our courses over the summer for students who want to complete a credit in July and August.  The cost of the class is $400 and anyone can take it.  Please refer to the Summer School section under "Our Programs" for more information.

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