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Workplace and Apprenticeship 20

November 22, 2022

The instructor for this course is Lee Lovegrove

Course History

First Offered in 2011

Developed by Lee Lovegrove

Curriculum Guide

The outcomes in the Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics 20 course are based upon the students' prior learning and continue to develop their number sense, spatial sense, logical thinking, and understanding of mathematics as a human endeavour. These learning experiences prepare students to be confident, flexible, and capable with their mathematical knowledge in new contexts. The outcomes in this course are the prerequisite outcomes for the Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics 30 course.

Pre-requisite Workplace and Apprenticeship 10

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit 1 - Slope and Rate of Change (22 days)

Unit 2 - Graphing Data (21 days)

Unit 3 - Surface Area, Volume and Capacity (25 days)

Unit 4 - Right Triangle Trigonometry (16 days)

Unit 5 - Scale Representations (16 days)

Unit 6 - Budgeting (17 days)

Unit 7 - Finance - Banking and Credit (25 days)

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