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Animation 10

April 26, 2021

The Instructor for this course is Anthony Prima

Course History

First Offered in 2009

First developed by Reg Nakoneshny

Redeveloped by Anthony Prima

Animation 10 is a project based course that allows students to engage in planning, constructing and publishing animated projects. Planning will take the form of sketches, storyboard, and scripts. After learning about traditional principals of animation, students will use computer software to model objects, organize, render, and composite animations. Students will have the opportunity to become engaged in authentic and relevant learning opportunities in which to practice and develop skills related to animation and its current uses in society today. 

Note: This course requires access to a computer and a video camera.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Intro Unit (1 day)

Unit 1 Setting up you WIKI (3 days)

Unit 2 Animation Techniques (3 days)

Unit 3 The Evolution of Animation (3 days)

Unit 4 Significant Animators (3 days)

Unit 5 Applications of Animation (3 days)

Unit 6 Thaumatropes ( 3 days)

Unit 7 Introduction to Stop Motion (8 days)

Unit 8 Principles of Animation (8 days)

Unit 9 Careers in Animation (3 days)

Unit 10 Storyboarding (3 days)

Unit 11 Stop Motion Project (12 days)

Unit 12 Lighting Subjects so Video and Animation (3 days)

Unit 13 Introduction to 3D Modeling (32 days)

Unit 14 Introduction to 3D Animation (32 days)

Unit 15 Final Project (32 days)

Project: Your final project is a demonstration of your skills and knowledge in an area of animation.

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