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Working Together

January 4, 2022

In 2010 we entered into partnership with the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) and the Central Urban Métis Federation Inc. (CUMFI) to advance outcomes for First Nations and Métis students and learning for all students.

Our goal is to support our communities by enabling them to grow in their understanding of the past, increasing their awareness of the present and by providing holistic opportunities for learning and growth in the future.

Our operating principles include:

Reciprocity: Mutual respect for each other's visions, missions, governance structures and mandates

Productivity: An effective and efficient relationship that brings results

Commitment: Ownership of the partnership

Trust: a firm belief in the honesty, safety and reliability of each other

All of the partners contribute to the annual First Nations and Métis Education Plan as well as planning for, actualizing and monitoring the projects of the First Nations and Métis Education and Achievement Fund.

2015 marks a turning point in the partnership with the development of the māmawohkamātowin Educational Alliance.

The alliance will deepen ties among partners, provide strategic supports for particular initiatives and set the stage for more fundamental integration of all partners in order to support First Nations and Métis students to achieve not only equity of opportunity, but outcome. 


We work with and provide support to the following schools within the Saskatoon Tribal Council:

kihiw waciston, Muskeg Lake First Nation

Almighty Voice Education Center, One Arrow First Nation

Chief Mistawasis School, Mistawasis First Nation

Further Information:

Cornelia Laliberte, Manager, Community Resource and Development

(306) 659-7142,

Saskatoon Tribal Council - Partnerships

Central Urban Métis Federation Inc. 

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