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Math Resources

June 15, 2021

At Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, our goal is to encourage excellence in learning and to nurture a love for mathematics for all of students. 

Children have an innate curiosity that creates opportunities to talk about math on a daily basis. They may see a pattern, count a set of objects or ask how much sugar you are adding to a recipe. Share the beauty of mathematics with your children by asking questions about their thinking, making connections to math concepts, and taking time to notice math around you. 

Create positive norms around math for your children to build their confidence and help them learn to their full potential.  Read more about this in the article:  Advice for Parents from Stanford University Professor Jo Boaler.

Math Learning Community 
Log in to Edsby and go to the Math Learning Community Group to see High School Math Lesson Videos and more resources
Contact your school for information on available online practice through Mathletics
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Other Resources

Building Math Success - Parent Pamphlets Grades 1-9

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Free Online Math Resources
Strategies for Basic Math Facts
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Simple Numeracy Games

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