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August 16, 2022

  • Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School is the first school in Saskatchewan to use Ukrainian language instruction for up to 50 per cent of the regular school day.
  • Students can enter the program in Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2 without any previous experience with the Ukrainian language.
  • Transportation to Bishop Filevich is provided from all parts of the city.
  • Students may continue to study Ukrainian in high school at Bethlehem Catholic High School.
  • Grades 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with Ukraine.
  • Online core Ukrainian classes are available for Grades 10, 11 and 12 through our Cyber School.


  • Children gain many benefits from learning a second language
  • Religious celebrations and cultural activities are important parts of the program.
  • Students gain an appreciation of the Ukrainian Byzantine Church tradition and Canada's Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Visit Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School's website for more information.

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