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Student Support Services

June 15, 2021

Our student support services team assists students with diverse learning needs, including students identified with intensive needs and students with learning difficulties.

Our professional staff includes speech and language pathologists, learning-assistance teachers (LATs),occupational therapists, psychologists, counsellors and social workers.

We work with parents, teachers, students and outside agencies (when appropriate) in assessing student needs and establishing  programming.

We support inclusion of all students in their neighbourhood school.

Support for Blind or Visually Impaired students

We offer supports for children who are blind or visually impaired to attend their neighborhood schools with their peers. Following an ocular health assessment, consultative services are provided to school-based teams. Recommendations of programming options and services are given to meet each student’s unique visual needs and ensure student success in reaching their full potential in their inclusive environments.  Direct support may also be provided by itinerant staff to students’ whose primary mode of literacy and other academic learning is braille.

Contact: Molisa Stanzeleit (B.Ed, Sp. Ed, M.Ed-EdPsy BVI) (306) 659-7275

Support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students

Students who meet the Ministry of Education criteria as Deaf or Hard of Hearing receive amplification technology to support their access to classroom instruction. Itinerant DHH service is provided in the areas of hearing aid technology and speech/language support for DHH students in their neighborhood schools.

We also have an American Sign Language bilingual/bicultural program for elementary students located at St. Philip School.

Further Information:

Ministry of Education - About Intensive Supports


Early Learning Intensive Needs Support Pilot

Thanks to the Canada-Saskatchewan Early Learning and Child Care Agreement that was signed in March 2018, we are able to offer space for preschool-aged children who require intensive support in existing pre-kindergarten programs.

Learn more about the program

Download the application form (pdf)

Return completed forms and required documentation to:

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Student Services

420-22nd Street East


Questions? Contact:


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