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New to Canada

May 21, 2024

Welcome to Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools! 

We would be happy to register your children for school at the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Newcomer Registration Centre.

Children who are not Canadian citizens and are new to Saskatchewan need to register at our downtown office at 420 22nd Street East.

Before you complete the appointment booking form below, please read the following.

Who Is eligible to book an appointment?  

  • Students whose parents have a valid work or study permit.
  • Student whose parents are Permanent Residents.
  • Children must be in Canada at the time of booking your appointment.

Students whose parents do not meet these requirements must register through the International Student Program.  

What you need to provide at the appointment:

  • Immigration documents for you and your children (Confirmation of Permanent Residence, Permanent Residency card, work or study permit).
  • Another proof of age such as birth certificate and/or passport.
  • Baptismal certificate, if applicable.
  • IQAS or ICAS high school assessment for students who are age-appropriate for high school (see below for details).
  • Proof of residency in Saskatoon such as a lease agreement, bill, etc.

At Your Appointment: 

We will welcome you and discuss school placements. All documents will be reviewed, and we will register your children for school. This includes a bus form, if applicable.

A representative from Saskatoon Open Door Society will be at the appointment to share information about the Saskatoon Social Workers in Schools program available to your child and you will have the opportunity to sign a consent form for the program.  

If your children speak a language other than English in the home, they will be assessed to determine eligibility for English as an Additional Language (EAL) support.  

Students will be placed in age-appropriate grades according to the chart below.

Please note: Appointments booked after May 31, 2024, students will begin classes in September of the 2024-2025 school year. 

2024-2025 School Year 

Year BornGrade
2018Grade 1
2017Grade 2
2016Grade 3
2015Grade 4
2014Grade 5
2013Grade 6
2012Grade 7
2011Grade 8
2010Grade 9
2009Grade 10
2008Grade 11
2007Grade 12

High School students must have specific credit attainment to take classes in certain grades.

All students immigrating to Saskatchewan high schools for the 2024-25 school year will require a secondary level credit transfer equivalency assessment from either the International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS) or the International Credential Evaluation Service in Ontario (ICAS). The cost of the IQAS or ICAS assessment is the responsibility of the student and family. The assessment is for secondary-level course registration only.

Steps to transfer international credits to a Saskatchewan school:

  • Step 1: Student/family contacts IQAS or ICAS for a course-by-course high school assessment for Saskatchewan.
  • Step 2: Student/family requests an official copy of IQAS or ICAS course-by-course high school assessment be sent directly to; or Student and Educator Services - Credit Transfer; 1 - 2220 College Avenue; REGINA SK  S4P 4V9; Canada
  • Step 3: Student/family provides a copy of the IQAS or ICAS course-by-course high school assessment to the school administrator.
  • Step 4: School administrators follow the International Credit Transfer Process

Credit%20Transfer%20Process%2024-25.pngFlow chart - click for larger image

Read the Government of Saskatchewan's Frequently Asked Questions document to learn more.

Students may apply for this assessment prior to arriving in Saskatchewan. They will have the opportunity to arrive in Saskatchewan with the assessment completed, thus eliminating the wait to register in secondary level programs. They must also request that a copy of the assessment from IQAS or ICAS be sent directly to or via mail at:

Student and Educator Services – Credit Transfer
1 – 2220 College Avenue

Open the appointment booking form in a separate window/tab.

We hope to see you soon.

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