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Catholic Education Week

September 21, 2022

Catholic Education Week for 2023 is May 13 - 20, 2023. Stay tuned for details.

Catholic Education Week for 2022 is May 22 - 29, 2022, and World Catholic Education Day is May 26 (Ascension Day).

Each year, Catholic schools in Saskatchewan participate in a week-long celebration to remember and share the gift of Catholic education. Join over 40,000 students in Saskatchewan—almost 20,000 with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools—to celebrate the gift of Catholic faith-based education.

Rebuild, Restore, Renew Together / Rebâtir, Rétablir, Renouveler Ensemble

“Behold, I make all things new.” (Revelation 2 :5)/«Voici que je fais toutes choses nouvelles.» (Apocalypse 21,5)

This year, students and staff all across the province will be taking time each day to pray together as disciples to rebuild, restore and renew our faith.

Read a letter from the Bishops of Saskatchewan.

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Catholic Education Week Prayer

God of Grace,
Help us to rediscover how to be side by side
in rebuilding our communities of faith and learning.
Help us restore harmony and balance in our relationships,
and renew our desire to approach challenges confidently and with peaceful hearts.
May we always rejoice in recognizing the blessings our lives hold.
Amen. +

Join our school communities in prayer each school day during Catholic Education Week.

Monday, May 23 – Rediscover  /  Redécouvrir

Victoria Day, no school

Tuesday, May 24 – Rebuild  /  Rebâtir

Jesus, brother and friend,
be with us as we rebuild our Catholic learning community together.
In the last couple of years, we have been connected and disconnected and reconnected.
May we make time to rebuild friendships and make new ones.
May we form a close bond with our teachers and classmates.
May we learn, grow, and have fun together as we participate in rebuilding school life.
May we all play our part.

Wednesday, May 25 – Restore  /  Rétablir

Brother Jesus, master teacher, and savior,
guide us to lead and serve the poor, vulnerable,
and one another, in your image and likeness.
Give us the courage and strength to reconcile relationships that need care and healing,
and nurture us to Rebuild, Restore and Renew Together, now, and always.
Guide us in restoring our world,
guide us in restoring our families and friendships,
guide us in restoring our communities,
guide us in restoring our parishes and schools, as we rededicate our lives to Christ.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.

Thursday, May 26 – World Catholic Education Day: Renew  /  Renouveler

Loving God,
You give us the gift of faith and the knowledge
that you are always there for us.
We seek to renew our prayer life and our spirits.
We know that you are always there for us and for this,
we are always grateful.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus,
our teacher and friend.

Friday, May 27 – Rejoice  /  Se réjouir

God of all goodness,
We rejoice, for you have done great things
and we know that we belong to you.
Open our eyes to see the beauty of your world around us,
in each other, and in all of creation.
Open our ears; help us to hear your voice.
Open our hearts; help us to be kind to others.
Help us to rejoice and to celebrate what makes each of us so special to you.
Glory to you, Lord our Creator, source of wonder and joy!

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