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Purchasing and Tenders

April 16, 2021

Agreement on Internal Trade

The province of Saskatchewan is a signatory to the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), an intergovernmental trade agreement signed by Canadian First Ministers that came into force in 1995. Its purpose is to reduce and eliminate, to the extent possible, barriers to the free movement of persons, goods, services and investment within Canada and to establish and open efficient and stable domestic market. 


Code of Ethics

Purchasing staff at Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA). The association is the leading and largest association in Canada for supply chain management professionals.  It sets the standard for professional skills, knowledge and integrity and was the first supply chain association in the world to require that all members adhere to a Code of Ethics.

SCMA Code of Ethics



Laurier Langlois, SCMP, Manager, Corporate Services

420 22nd Street East

Saskatoon, SK  S7K 1X3

Phone: 306.659.7023

Fax: 306.659.2011


Competitive Bid Opportunities

Visit SaskTenders online.

Mission Statement

We provide assistance to school division budget managers and others with timely purchase of goods and/or services using acceptable competitive purchasing practices that consider quality, performance, price, service and school division requirements.   

Purchasing Policy and Procedures

The Board of Education of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools requires that all procurement of goods and services are handled with consideration of the total acquisition cost, including life cycle cost, and adherence to the principles of:

  • non-discrimination,
  • access by qualified suppliers,
  • fair acquisition process and
  • transparency of policy and procedure

to the best overall value of the organization.

Further details about procurement guidelines are available in our Purchasing and Tenders Policy.

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