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May 4, 2023

entrer poķwîspi

(enter anytime)

St. Michael Community School wheel/circle

St. Michael Community School is home to the division's Michif language programming. The Northern Michif language (traditionally a combination of French and Plains Cree) is taught as a core classroom subject in all grades (kindergarten - Grade 8). About 100 minutes per week will be spent teaching Michif, depending on the grade level.

acahkowin: petite michif opikiskkwewak (spirited little Michif speakers) is a bilingual language program that was established through partnership with the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan in 2020. In 2023-24, Michif bilingual will be offered in kindergarten through Grade 3.

Michif Bilingual Kindergarten

  • all-day, every-day early learning program 
  • grow in your Métis identity through an emphasis on language and culture
  • integration of land-based learning
  • transportation provided
  • nutrition support provided (breakfast, lunch, snack)


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