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Priorities & Goals

March 8, 2022

Rooted in Faith

PRIORITY: Celebrating and Promoting Catholic Identity

RATIONALE:  Catholic education in Saskatoon, Biggar, Humboldt, Viscount, Martensville, Warman and area grew from a shared desire by home and parish to teach children in a faith-filled setting. This relationship between parents and church has sustained Catholic education for more than a century. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools will continue to define and strengthen its Catholic identity to ensure Catholic education exists in our communities for another 100 years.


  • To strengthen the Catholic dimension of our school division, as we support the faith journey of each individual:
    • Nurturing staff members as they seek to deepen their faith so they may authentically fulfill their vocations.
    • Providing shared experiences, learning opportunities and closer connections between parish, home and school – to enrich the faith lives of students, families and all school community members.
  • To be proactive in building understanding of Catholic Education.

Growing in Knowledge

PRIORITY: Improving Student Learning and Achievement

RATIONALE:  Catholic education helps all children in our division develop their God-given talents as they strive to reach their full potential spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools combines academic excellence and spiritual development with support for the physical wellness of each student. A well-rounded Catholic education engenders a strong sense of belonging and identity that helps students become contributing citizens in their communities.


  • To support transitions for all students, from early learning through to high school graduation and beyond.
  • To commit to increasing the health and fitness of all students by ensuring a culture of student engagement and participation as foundational in our curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for students.
  • To improve academic achievement, with an emphasis on reading and numeracy.
  • To provide programs and supports for English Language Learners, so these students may achieve improved language and academic outcomes.
  • To provide engaging, responsive and supportive high school programming to enhance retention and graduation rates for all students.
  • To achieve First Nations and Métis student outcomes that are comparable to those realized by students throughout the division by providing appropriate supports for learning and learning environments that promote student identity and belonging.

Reaching Out to Transform the World

PRIORITY: Building Relationships and Partnerships

RATIONALE: Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools believes a strong relationship is needed between parents, their church and their school to educate children and youth to their full potential. We are committed to working with many groups and organizations within our communities, because we all share responsibility for educating our children and youth.


  • To continue to develop and deepen relationships with parents, Catholic School Community Councils, the Diocese, Eparchy and parishes.
  • To continue to develop reciprocal relationships and shared responsibility with First Nations and Métis governance and organizations.
  • To support the settlement of families new to Canada through deepened relationships, partnerships and shared initiatives with various service agencies and associations.
  • To continue to develop and enrich relationships with the broader community and all levels of government, including the Ministry of Education, as we work to achieve many shared goals.

PRIORITY: Promoting Stewardship

RATIONALE:  Catholic education includes a calling to take care of God's abundant gifts. As stewards, board members are entrusted with the gifts of people, financial resources, facilities and the environment. We seek to receive these gifts gratefully and tend to them responsibly so that our work contributes to the greater good of the school division, our communities and our world. The Board of Education will continue to define and implement practices to achieve and sustain excellent board governance.


  • On a continual basis, support and nurture all of God's people who minister in Catholic education for our board. 
  • To responsibly allocate and use financial resources.
  • To proactively maintain, plan and advocate for student-centred facilities to meet our division's anticipated growth.
  • To support school communities as they help students learn to care for God's creation in a sustainable manner.

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