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Board Policy Manual

February 16, 2022


Legal Status

Underlying Values and Principles:  Board Governance Policies

1  Educational Commitment

1.0 Mission Statement-Distinctiveness-Vision and Virtues.pdf

1.1 Communities of Love and Freedom.pdf

1.2 Centres of Hope and Growth.pdf

1.3 Special Places of Faith and Learning.pdf

1.4 People of Justice.pdf

1.5 Christians of Commitment.pdf

2  Executive Limitations

2.0 General Executive Constraint.pdf

2.1 Means.pdf

2.2 Employment of Staff.pdf

2.3 Financial Condition.pdf

2.4 Emergency Executive Session.pdf

2.5 Communication and Counsel to the Board of Education.pdf

2.6 Linkage.pdf

2.7 Decision Matrix.pdf

3  Governance Process

3.0 General Governance Commitment Policy.pdf

3.1 Board of Education Job Description.pdf

3.2 Governing Style.pdf

3.3 Board Linkage.pdf

3.4 Board of Education Code of Conduct.pdf

3.5 Procedures of the Board of Education.pdf

4  Board-Staff Relationships

4.0 Director of Education's Role.pdf

4.1 Delegation to the Director of Education.pdf

4.2 Director of Education Job Description.pdf

4.3 Monitoring School Division Performance.pdf

5  Monitoring

5.0 Procedures for the Monitoring of the School Division's Performance.pdf

Manual of Procedures.pdf

Procedures for Annual Communication to Electors.pdf

Procedures for Election of Board Members.pdf

Policy for Campaign Disclosure and Spending Limits.pdf

Procedures for Board Member Remuneration and Expense.pdf

Trustee Remuneration and Expense Schedule 2021-2022.pdf

SSBA Convention Voting Procedures.pdf

Terms of Reference

Together in Faith and Action Committee.pdf

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