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Michif Bilingual

May 4, 2023

entrer poķwîspi

(enter anytime)

St Michael Community School wheel

St. Michael Community School is home to the division's Core Michif Language Program and acahkowin: petite michif opikiskkwewak (spirited little Michif speakers) Michif bilingual language program. In 2023-24, Michif bilingual will be offered in kindergarten through Grade 3.

The Northern Michif language (traditionally a combination of French and Plains Cree) is taught as a classroom subject in all grades (kindergarten - Grade 8). In core instruction, about 100 minutes per week will be spent teaching Michif, depending on the grade level. For bilingual programming, about half of instruction is in Michif.

The bilingual language program was established through partnership with the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan in 2020. 

Learn more about Michif language programming and all-day-every-day kindergarten at St. Michael Community School.

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