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Property Taxation and Mill Rate

May 27, 2024

It is important for Catholic taxpayers to ensure their tax notice states they are of the Catholic faith so that their school taxes are directed to the Catholic school division. Without this designation, property taxes are automatically directed to public schools.

To ensure the education portion of your municipal property taxes are supporting your Catholic school, please make sure your school support is shown as "Separate" on your annual property tax notice. If you are Catholic and your school support is not shown as “Separate”, please fill out a tax declaration form and submit it to the office of your municipality. Also, if you have recently moved, you will need to complete a declaration form for your new residence; declarations from previous properties do not carry over. You must reside within the boundaries of the school division in order to designate taxes to Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Links to property tax declaration forms can be found below, or you can contact your municipality directly.

Maps of GSCS Division Boundaries:

Questions and Answers About Property Tax Declarations

If you require information or assistance regarding any aspect of school taxes, please contact Joel Lloyd, the Superintendent of Administrative Services, by telephone at (306) 659-7021 or by email:

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