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Noon Lunch Supervision

October 23, 2023

Noon lunch supervision of students in elementary schools is governed by division policy IGB Supervision During Non-Instructional Times - Elementary.

For the 2023-24 school year, a per-student fee will be charged for students attending Saskatoon elementary and high schools. This cost-recovery fee will help cover the expense of supervision that is not funded by provincial operating grants. In the past, the division absorbed this expense. Inflationary pressures have forced the division to make difficult financial decisions, including the addition of this fee.

Fee structure:

  • Saskatoon elementary schools (kindergarten - Grade 8)
    • $10 per student per month (maximum $20 per family per month)
      • half-time kindergarten students: $5 per month
  • High schools (Grade 9 - 12)
    • $25 per student per year (no maximum)

For elementary schools in Saskatoon, the fee will apply to students who stay at the school over lunch, including students who are bused to school. Fees are fixed per month/year; they will not be calculated based on the number of school days or the number of days students are present/absent. Fees help recover the cost of supervision; they do not pay for food.

Families with students in elementary school have the option to make one payment for the whole school year (10 months; September through June) or set-up monthly installments.

High school students will have the fee added to their student fee invoices.

Fees can be paid online through MySchoolBucks ( using credit cards or VISA/MasterCard debit cards. If a family is unable to pay online, schools can receive cash or cheque payments directly. Receipts will be issued, and the cost can be claimed as a childcare deduction on your federal tax return.

To allow equitable access for families, fees will be waived for families unable to pay. If this applies to you, please create a MySchoolBucks account and continue to the area to pay fees. For elementary students, select the “request exemption” option instead of a payment amount. This request will be kept confidential and only viewed by the school office. For high school students, please discuss fee exemptions with the principal.

Instructions to create an account, login, and pay fees through MySchoolBucks can be found below. You can also find some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Technical questions about MySchoolBucks accounts and payments can be directed to them at 1-855-832-5226.

If you have general questions, please contact your school.

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