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Diversity and Inclusion

June 11, 2021

At Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, our goal is to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of Saskatchewan’s community. We believe in creating a work environment that is inclusive and respects each individual’s strengths and differences. We model Christ’s teachings of love, mercy and courage through division diversity and inclusion efforts aimed at removing barriers, providing equitable opportunities and ensuring the representation and full participation of all.

As an Employment Equity Partner with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, we are committed to a robust response to employment equity targets. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools’ representative workforce goals include:

  1. Hiring Targets: Ensure all designated groups are represented in Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools’ workforce. Establish retention initiatives that support the success of each individual, particularly in underrepresented categories.
  2. Community Presence: Prioritize the recruitment of diverse groups by seeking opportunities to engage with candidates at community events, conferences, career fairs and through partnership referrals.
  3. Readying the Workplace: Energize a responsive workforce where the imperatives of diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism are recognized and practiced. Provide employees opportunities to learn and develop their understanding in each area.
  4. Procurement: Maintain diversity in contracts and ensure equitable opportunities for vendors to participate in bidding processes.
  5. Development: Prepare students to lead positive change in their communities. Provide opportunities for existing and potential staff to develop their skills and take on advancement opportunities.
  6. Communications: Commit to frequent reporting of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools’ diversity and inclusion progress and outcomes to stakeholders.

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