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Health Education

December 22, 2023

Curriculum Aims and Goals

The aim of Saskatchewan's health education curricula is to develop confident and competent students who understand, appreciate, and apply health knowledge, skills, and strategies throughout life.

The three goals of K-12 health education are:

  • Develop the understanding, skills, and confidences necessary to take action to improve health.
  • Make informed decisions based on health-related knowledge.
  • Apply decisions that will improve personal health and/or the health of others.

-Government of Saskatchewan

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Catholic HIV/AIDS curriculum:

In accordance with the Saskatchewan Health Curriculum, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools' students participate in instruction regarding HIV/AIDS. The principal resource for this is the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association's Catholic HIV/AIDS Program, which was developed by the SCSBA, and approved by the Bishops of Saskatchewan in 2020. The program:

  • calls children and youth to a Christian response to HIV/AIDS as persons of hope and compassion;
  • offers accurate medical and scientific information in sequential, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive ways; and
  • teaches students about prevention, transmission, support and treatment through the lens of Catholic Christian moral decision-making.

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