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Arts Education

December 22, 2023

Band Information

Band is offered in most elementary schools in Grades 6 - 8 and in high school. Beginner band workshops are typically held for Grade 5 students in the spring so they can try different instruments before they start band in Grade 6. Students are strongly encouraged to attend to learn fundamentals that will give them a good foundation for success in band. Details will be provided through your school.

About the program

Parent and Student Band Handbook

Band: Parent-Information

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Instrument Rentals

List of Music Stores

Curriculum Aims and Goals

The K-12 aim of the Saskatchewan arts education curricula is to enable students to understand and value arts expressions throughout life. The goals listed below are broad statements identifying what students are expected to know and be able to do upon completion of a particular area of study, by the end of Grade 12.

The three goals for arts education students from kindergarten to Grade 12 are:

  • Cultural/Historical (CH) - Children will investigate the content and aesthetics of the arts within cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts and understand the connection between the arts and human experience.
  • Critical/Responsive (CR) - Children will respond to artistic expressions of Saskatchewan, Canadian, and International artists using critical thinking, research, creativity, and collaborative inquiry.
  • Creative/Productive (CP) - Children will inquire, create, and communicate through dance, drama, music, and visual art.

-Government of Saskatchewan

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