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Information to Schools

September 8, 2021

Distribution of material

We do allow non-profit and community-based organizations to distribute information to schools to let our staff and/or families know about services, events and activities (pending approval). We do not permit for-profit groups or companies to distribute information.

The process:

1.  Send your request to Be sure to let us know:

  • what you want distributed: poster; flyer, newsletter announcement, electronic file, etc. (printed material in schools is discouraged during the COVID-19 pandemic);
    • include electronic files (PDF) of any material.
  • your audience: Who is your message for? Teachers, parents, specific ages or grades, specific areas or schools, etc.
  • how you want information distributed (electronic or hard copy).
    • Hard copies must be provided. We do not print copies for you.
  • any other information that you think will assist us in our review process.

2.  After approval, we will send information to schools.

  • Electronic material will be shared with schools weekly.
  • Printed material can be delivered to our board office at 420 22nd St. E
    • For posters, we typically distribute one per school; we have 50 schools. Please specify if you want more than one per school, and clearly indicate that with your material.
    • For flyers or other printed material, you must bundle and clearly label information for each school. We will not count out certain amounts for each school.
  • School administrators decide whether to share information within their school community or not.


Requests to do presentations in schools

In-school presentations will resume for the 2021-22 school year (after being suspended in 2020 because of COVID-19). If you submitted an application to present last year, please re-submit your application to ensure we have appropriate information to review.

All organizations/presenters must complete an application form to be reviewed for approval. Download and complete the application.

Virtual presentations will also be considered, and presenters must follow the same application process.

Fundraising initiatives

All organizations proposing fundraising initiatives for our schools must adhere to our fundraising policy and be an approved charitable organization. To apply to be included in the list of approved organizations, send the following information to

  • Name of organization
  • Contact name and complete contact information
  • CRA charitable registration number
  • information on the organization and its mandate; this may include mission, vision, values, etc.

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